* GHIAA [dʒi:a] : Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance

Faced with the global climate crisis, many countries are promoting decarbonization policies utilizing hydrogen. Recognizing the importance of public-private cooperation, the hydrogen associations of 24 countries have come together to form the Global Hydrogen Industry Association Alliance (GHIAA). This platform fosters international communication and collaboration, leveraging collective influence and knowledge to accelerate the realization of a hydrogen economy and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

- GHIAA was first introduced in September 2021, when 13 Hydrogen Associations* signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to establish it as an international cooperation platform. The foundational members agreed on the articles of association and launched an official website.

*Founding members: Korea, Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, France, Norway, England, Spain, Netherlands, Chile, China, Singapore

- In May 2022, GHIAA was officially launched during the H2MEET event in Korea, with five additional Hydrogen Associations* joining. At the inaugural meeting, Jaedo Moon, chairman of H2KOREA, was appointed as chair, and Frank Wolak, president & CEO of FCHEA, as vice-chair. The GHIAA Forum provided a platform for each participating association to introduce their national hydrogen industry and policy trends.

*New members: Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Colombia, Germany

- During EU Hydrogen Week in Brussels in October 2022, GHIAA held its second general meeting. Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, was appointed as vice-chair, and two more associations* joined. In preparation for COP 27, GHIAA submitted a joint statement urging the acceleration of hydrogen deployment in the industry.

*New members: Japan, Hungary

- In February 2023, during the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar in California, GHIAA convened its third general meeting and published the 2022 annual report, providing valuable insights into the global hydrogen industry and policy trends. GHIAA also explored cooperation with the Hydrogen for Development Partnership (H4D), a World Bank initiative aimed at boosting low-carbon hydrogen deployment in developing countries.

- In September 2023, at the H2MEET event in Korea, GHIAA hosted its fourth general meeting and forum. The alliance adopted the 'Joint Declaration in Seoul' to promote international cooperation and financial investment in the hydrogen economy. During the forum, members, including a new association*, presented their latest hydrogen strategies and policy updates.

*New member: Poland

The fifth general meeting was held during Hyvolution Paris in January 2024, where GHIAA agreed to release the 2024 annual report. At the GHIAA Summit, 14 hydrogen associations introduced their national policies and industry statuses. The event also saw the launch of the 3 Seas Hydrogen Council to strengthen cooperation among Central European and Baltic countries. Additionally, H2Chile and the Portuguese Hydrogen Association, EnergyIn, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance collaboration. New members from Portugal, Costa Rica, and Egypt joined GHIAA, bringing the total membership to 27 associations.

*New member: Portugal, Costa Rica, Egypt

Overview of participating associations to follow.


Frank Wolak
President & CEO of


Jaehong Kim
Chairman of


Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
CEO of Hydrogen

Chris Norris,
Chair of Canadian Hydrogen Association (CHA)

Marco Kulka
Executive Director of H2Chile

President of
France Hydrogène

Cealia Greaves
CEO & Founder of Hydrogen Energy Assocation(HEA)

Javier Brey Sánchez
Chairman of AeH2

William van Niekerk
Chairman of NWBA

Ingebjørg Telnes Wilhelmsen
Secretary General of NHF

Ju Wang
Secretary General of IHFCA

Noel Chin
President of HFCAS

Murray Lyster

Camilo Uribe
President of Hydrogen Colombia

Matias Catueño.
Technical leader of H2ar Consortium

Tejs Laustsen Jensen
CEO of Hydrogen Denmark

Anders Lundell
Chairman of Hydrogen Sweden

Werner Diwald
Chairman of DWV

István Lepsény
President of Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association(HH2)

Tomoho Umeda
Chairman of Hydrogen Poland

Jose Pualo
Chair of Energyln

Flora Montealegre
Executive Director of Costa Rican Hydrogen Alliance

Khaled Nageib
CEO of Hydrogen Egypt