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(OFFICIAL) GHIAA adopted ‘the Joint Declaration in Seoul’ to promote international cooperation and financial investment as well as its future cooperative activities to realize the hydrogen economy.

September 25, 2023

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Joint Declaration at the 4th GHIAA General Meeting in Seoul

             We firmly recognize that the world has entered a new era of implementing action plans based on the vision and strategy for the development of a hydrogen economy. This year, many countries have announced revised plans, reflecting technological development and geo-economic changes. Although details of the strategies differ depending on each country’s economic circumstances, the central theme revolves around establishing an ecosystem centered on clean hydrogen. Political leaders have been actively involved in executing such plans, showing growing confidence and determination for the future of the hydrogen economy.

             However, more time is needed for hydrogen to be recognized as a mainstream energy source, replacing fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas, paving the way towards carbon neutrality. Despite the increased expectations for hydrogen’s role in future energy solutions, soaring energy prices and increasing government’s financial deficits resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and the War in Ukraine have significantly discouraged efforts to promote corporate investment. 

             Nevertheless, various developments are evident in the global hydrogen market. There is a broad acceptance of the necessity for a standardized ‘clean hydrogen certification’ scheme, categorizing hydrogen based on carbon dioxide emissions. This will solve the issue of ambiguously classifying hydrogen according to its color. We are also taking note of a growing acceptance of the role of various hydrogen production technologies such as blue hydrogen and nuclear hydrogen and its derivatives such as clean ammonia, considering some of the main concerns in the early stage of hydrogen industry, such as high level of financing and costs required to produce green hydrogen and the maturity of the hydrogen industry itself. In the meantime, there is growing consensus on the urgency to actively engage and invest in the clean energy transition to decarbonize hard-to-abated sectors utilizing clean hydrogen, including long-haul transport, chemicals, steel, and more.

             Being fully aware of these issues and concerns, the Global Hydrogen Industry Association Alliance (GHIAA) was established with the recognition that international cooperation in the private sector is essential and urgent to promote policies to respond to climate change and expand the hydrogen economy. Being constantly aware of these goals and visions and striving to create jobs and opportunities around the world today, all members of the GHIAA hereby agree to make the following declarations:

  1. 1. For the hydrogen economy to develop in the future, investment in hydrogen technologies, expansion of appropriate infrastructure, and mobilization of necessary financing through strengthened partnership between the government and the private sector are essential. Global cooperation   between countries and various entities is vital for its achievement. In order to facilitate and expedite these actions by governments, the GHIAA will cooperate and collaborate to collect information and share best practices with members through documentation and seminars and strengthen dialogues with governments.

  2. 2. As the hydrogen economy aims to overcome the geographical bias of fossil fuels, sharing information and technologies among countries is especially crucial. In this sense, we firmly welcome various programs from the international community to support the hydrogen industry in underdeveloped areas. To ensure the success of these programs and related policies, the GHIAA will strengthen partnership with international communities and relevant international organizations through various means.

  3. 3. We urge governments to accelerate efforts to establish a global hydrogen ecosystem by clearing technical barriers and facilitating international trade of hydrogen. Relevant measures include the introduction of a clean hydrogen certification scheme and the harmonization of technical regulations and standards. In order to support the government’s initiatives, the GHIAA will continue to collect and provide relevant information to various individuals and organizations participating in the clean hydrogen movement.

This statement was agreed by the following GHIAA members on September 14th, 2023.

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