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(OFFICIAL) The Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance(GHIAA) call on COP27 for more dedicated action

November 4, 2022

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The Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA) call on COP27 for more dedicated action



The Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA) actively supports COP 27 in Egypt to overcome the global climate crisis and urges participants and other stakeholders to support and invest in the hydrogen industry to achieve Net-Zero targets and secure clean energy supplies.


Hydrogen is an essential element of decarbonization and is an infinite clean energy source that can be produced. It has the potential to reduce carbon emissions in several industrial sectors, including transportation, heating and heavy industry. In addition, it can be shipped and traded worldwide as a clean fuel for both liquefaction forms and derivatives (such as ammonia).


Therefore, the world is currently paying attention to hydrogen as an important means of solving the climate crisis and energy security, and more than 40 countries are surveyed to have hydrogen strategies.


According to the Hydrogen Insights 2022 of the Hydrogen Council, hydrogen investment worth about $700 billion by 2030 is needed to get on a carbon-free economy by 2050, but only 3% of the total cost is currently being spent. Therefore, we should quickly and boldly increase investment to build a hydrogen ecosystem.


For the rapid transition to the global hydrogen economy, the international cooperation is essential. Through this, opportunities for the growth of the global hydrogen industry and the expansion of the hydrogen market will be created with mutual cooperation. GHIAA will actively support this and play the role of a bridge.



The associations include the H2KOREA, the Hydrogen Europe, the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA), the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), the Asociación Chilena de Hidrógeno (H2CHILE), the France Hydrogène (AFHYPAC), the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA), the Asociación Española del Hidrógeno (AeH2), the Nederlandse Waterstof en Brandstofcel Associatie (NWBA), the Norsk Hydrogenforum (NHF), the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association(IHFCA), the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association of Singapore (HFCAS), the Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC), the Asociación Colombiana del Hidrógeno, the H2ar Consortium, the Brintbranchen (Hydrogen Denmark), the Vätgas Sverige (Hydrogen Sweden), the Deutsche wasserstoff- und brennstoffzellen-verband(DWV), the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association(HH2), and the Japan Hydrogen Association(JH2A).






3rd November, 2022

Jaedo Moon, the Chair of GHIAA, sends this mail on behalf of 20 associations 

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