* GHIAA [dʒi:a] : Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance

Faced with the global climate crisis, many countries are promoting decarbonization policies with hydrogen at the fore. Accordingly, the representative hydrogen industrial associations of 18 countries shared a deep understanding of the importance of private-sector cooperation for accelerating the implementation of the global hydrogen economy, and agreed to use GHIAA as the platform for communication.

GHIAA was established on May 25, 2022 to strengthen international private cooperation within the hydrogen industry. H2KOREA, which proposed the establishment of this consultative body, made every effort to form a global consensus on the alliance by signing a number of MoUs with representative hydrogen associations in various continents such as the United States, Europe, and China since 2019. And in September 2021, on the occasion of the H2 Mobility+Energy Show, we signed a LoI with early Members to prepare for the official launch of GHIAA.

* GHIAA[dʒiːɑ] : Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance

After about six months, laying the groundwork including the establishment of the Articles of Association and a website, GHIAA was officially inaugurated with a total of 18 Members.

GHIAA conducts non-profit activities to revitalize the hydrogen industry, such as holding regular General Meetings between Members, publishing reports regularly, discovering bilateral and multilateral private cooperation agendas, and matching projects to strengthen international cooperation in the private sector

Participants of GM


Jaedo Moon
Chairman of


Frank Wolak
President & CEO of

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
CEO of Hydrogen

Ivette Vera-Perez
President and CEO of CHFCA

Hans Kulenkampff
President of H2CHILE

Philippe Boucly
President of H2CHILE

Celia Greaves
CEO & Founder of UK HFCA

Javier Brey Sánchez
Chairman of AeH2

William van Niekerk
Chairman of NWBA

Ingebjørg Telnes Wilhelmsen
Secretary General of NHF

Ju Wang
Secretary General of IHFCA

Noel Chin
President of HFCAS

Fiona Simon

Camilo Uribe
President of Hydrogen Colombia

Santiago Sacerdote
General Manager of H2ar

Tejs Laustsen Jensen
CEO of Hydrogen Denmark

Anders Lundell
Chairman of Hydrogen Sweden

Werner Diwald
Chairman of DWV